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June 2022: We are recruiting a postdoc (see home page) contact us at

Graduate students

We are looking for a graduate student to join the lab. Students enrolled in the Medical Science Graduate Program or the Neuroscience Graduate Program can contact us at

Students looking for a position in the lab and not enrolled in any of the graduate programs mentioned above, should visit the websites of the Medical Science Graduate Program or the Neuroscience Graduate Program and apply to one of them.

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Undergraduate students

We are always looking for motivated undergraduate students to join the lab! Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years interested in joining the lab should contact us at Please send a CV and brief explanation of what you expect to gain from this experience. Students should have a GPA above 3.4 and are expected to make at least a 1-year commitment (most students stay longer) and work at least 12hr per week in the lab including evenings and weekends as needed.

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of techniques, from molecular biology, cell culture, to mouse husbandry techniques, behavior, histology and imaging techniques, depending on ongoing projects and students interests. Students may receive course credit for their participation (NRSC 485 and/or NRSC 491). 

Research Assistants

June 2022: We are recruiting a Research Assistant to perform behavior and histological studies - contact us at

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