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  • September 2019: Ana is leaving the lab, thank you for the hard work, and good luck with your studies!

  • August 2019: Arthur joined the lab for his rotation. Welcome!

  • August 2019: Austin successfully finished his summer internship and presented his work at the Reseach Symposium. Well done!

  • June 2019: Calvin just started to help with our SCI and bowel projects!

  • May 2019: Austin joined the lab for the summer as part of the Undergraduate Summer Research Program of the College of Medicine

  • February 2019: Adel just started

  • January 2019: Theresa joined the lab

  • May 2018: Alexandra joined the lab

  • January 2018: The lab started an exciting collaboration with Axoltis Pharma, a French biotech company, to test compounds to promote functional recovery after spinal cord injury

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